Wee Kiat Development Pte Ltd was established in 1993 to accommodate the expansion of product line and market of sister company Chop Wee Kiat that are establish in 1969. Over the years, the company has built up a network of strong and friendly ties with many major overseas suppliers and buyers as well as local companies. The company started out importing and exporting of Agarwood, spices, Medical Herbs, Incense Raw Material as well as other types of native product from Indonesia, China, Vietnam, malaysia and other parts of Asia. And as the company expanded further, it began reaching out to a wider international market and product, with buyer and suppliers based in countries like American continent, Europe, Australia and Africa and product expansion into the Dried Sea Product, Essential Oil and Food Ingredient Industry.

Beside export, the company also sells to local distributors and food industries in Singapore. Our continued growth is testimony to the quality of our products, the services we provide and the goodwill we accumulate.